Sunday, 1 September 2013

Accountability Time

I'm back. So third round of 12wbt - I did Round 3, 2011 then Round 3, 2012, and now am back for Round 3 2013. So what has been happening? Well, I changed jobs again - I am a high school teacher and have had three different schools in the past four years. The school I am at now is amazing. It is incredibly supportive and has extended and stretched my teaching. I also started my Masters degree 6 weeks ago. I completely forgot what Uni was like and how much work it is - well, I don't remember it seeming too bad when I went there straight from school, but now add in a full-time job, three children aged 5, 7 and 8, plus all of their sport commitments, and running, and spending time with my husband, it hasn't been easy. I feel like I am juggling constantly, but things get done so I am thankful for a supportive family.

I also ran my second half-marathon this year. However, I ate my way through all of my extra training and rather than losing weight was actually 2 kgs heavier than last year (and 8kgs heavier than I should be!). I did do a PB this year - shaved 2 mins of my half-marathon time so was quite happy about that. However, since then I have been suffering heel pain after my runs. Went to the doctor last week and he confirmed that I have plantar fasciitis and need to take time of running :(  I love running - it is so convenient and burns calories like nothing else I do. Perhaps I should have stretched - I very rarely stretch and have been running for about 5 years now so I guess there is no surprise that I have injured myself. I am going to book myself in to see a physio this week and find out the quickest way to heal so I can get back out and pound the pavement with my running pal (my German Shepherd) asap.

To make matters worse, I thought I'd take my German Shepherd for a little walk on Saturday as I usually take her for a long run on Saturdays and she was crying at the door. I was only going for a short 20 min walk when halfway I rolled my ankle! The opposite foot to the plantar fasciitis. I was in agony! My 5 year old had come for a walk with me - she asked "Are you ok Mum?" as I crouched on the ground in agony - I was like no I hurt my ankle. Anyway after a few minutes the pain eased and I was able to hobble home with her leading the way with our German Shepherd. It is nice and puffy now. I haven't sprained my ankle since high school a good 15 years ago so am definitely in the wars.

Which brings me back to the 12wbt. How am I supposed to lose weight if I'm not exercising? To be honest, I just ate what I wanted this weekend. I was wallowing in self-pity. But alas, no more. Time to get back on the train. As they say weight loss is 80% nutrition so I am going to test that theory this week as I won't be doing much exercise until my feet heel.

So here I am, putting it out there. I will keep a track of my food and what exercise I manage on here. I am trying to lose about 5kgs in about 4 weeks as I have a beach holiday coming up and would like to be a little smaller by then, but it sure won't happen if I keep on doing what I've been doing. Will be back tomorrow with a run-down of how my nutrition went.

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